Consider the user experience research before choosing a slideshow:

  • Studies have shown that people look at and take action only on the first slide. If you do want them to look at more than one slide, make the first slide interesting or useful. The first slide has to sell the next slide to the user.
  • Eye tracking tests show that slideshows get little attention by website users.
  • Improper header tags, slow page load due to high bandwidth images or videos, or lack of alternative image tags can have a negative impact on your website’s SEO and user experience.
  • In theory, a slideshow should entice a user to take an action or otherwise become informed about a website goal or mission. But studies show that slideshows can actually decrease conversion rates due to the frustration of use.

For more re: best practices, visit the Slideshow documentation on the Folwell Theme site.

Slideshow Documentation

Slideshow styles, usage recommendations, explained on the Folwell Base theme website.