East River Road Garage

385 East River Parkway

Minneapolis, MN, 55455

Building Abbrev: ERIVRDGAR

Building ID: 183

Public Hours: 24/7
Visitor Parking Spaces: 550

Disability Accessible

Disability Space: 32

Elevator Locations: Center

Disability Accessible Entrance: From Coffman Memorial Union
Electric Vehicle Charging Station: Level D first down ramp after the entrance.



Alternative Transportation Options

Payment Method: Cash/Credit Card

Event Parking: Pay upon entrance by cash/check



$3.00 – 1st hour           $10.00 – 5-6 hours

$6.00 – 1-2 hours         $11.00 – 6-7 hours

$7.00 – 2-3 hours         $12.00 – 7-8 hours

$8.00 – 3-4 hours         $13.00 – daily max

$9.00 – 4-5 hours


Typically $10.00, depending on event.

The Event Calendar is your guide to

when the facility switches from regular

to event rates.


Early Bird Rate:

$7 - Enter between midnight and 7 am

Monday through Friday AND exit before

midnight on the same day. Regular rates

apply after midnight ($12 daily max).  

Night Owl Rate:

$1/hr (up to $7 max) - Enter 5 pm or

later Monday through Thursday AND

exit before 7 am on the next day.

Regular rates apply after 7 am ($12 daily max).

Weekend Rate

$1.00/hr (up to $7 max) - Enter between 5 pm

on Friday and midnight on Sunday. Valid for up

to 24-hour period of time. Must exit by 7 am

on Monday.

No Off-Peak rate is available when event rate is in effect.

View Times for off-peak parking.