Donhowe Building

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  • Access via power door entrance on 15th St SE
  • Access via University Avenue at end of small lot
  • Elevator
  • Adapted restrooms

University Parking

Parking Facilities Map

Nearest Public Parking Facilities

  • 4th Street Ramp
  • Church Street Garage

University Hours (U Card Required)

Mon-Fri: 7:30am-5:00pm

Hours Effective: Current

Public Hours

No Public Hours

Hours Effective: Current

Building Hours Definitions:
University Hours: Buildings are locked, but are accessible by all faculty, students, and staff using their U Card.
Public Hours: Primary entrances are unlocked and open to the public.
Restricted Hours: Some buildings may have restricted hours accessible to approved U Card holders. Please contact your department for more information.

Public Safety Building Access Information

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